In September 2015, the Government released new minimum Child Safe Standards which aim to create child safe cultures and environments in organisations that work with children. These standards will be implemented and enforced in Victorian schools through the school registration framework. As a minimum standard for school registration under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, schools must take action, in accordance with the Ministerial Order, to manage and reduce the risk of child abuse. The Ministerial Order spells out what the Child Safe Standards mean in a school environment, and demonstrates the Government's "zero tolerance" for child abuse in Victorian schools.

St. Peter’s is proactively working towards being a school that is safe for all who are a part of our school community.

All children have the right to feel safe and be safe all of the time. 

pdf Child Safe Policy (421 KB)

pdf Child Safe Code of Conduct (413 KB)

pdf Child Safety: Failure to Protect (461 KB)

pdf Child Safety: Failure to Disclose (450 KB)

pdf Child Safety: Grooming Policy (382 KB)

pdf CECV Commitment to Child Safety (376 KB)