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During 2004 the School Board worked on developing the school's enrolment policy. St. Peter's School has reached the stage where, given the second stage of building is looming, the school is almost at its optimum enrolment.

It is important for all families to understand that, at the beginning of 2005, a preferential order of enrolment was enforced. Applications for future enrolment will be accepted, from prospective families, in the first instance and, after due consideration, places will be offered in the following order:

  1. Baptised Catholics.
  2. Non-Catholic siblings of current students.
  3. Non-Catholic siblings of past students.
  4. Baptised non-Catholics.
  5. Non-Catholics who are willing to support the Catholic ethos of the school.

Families who have children enrolled at St. Peter's at the beginning of the year are assured that all siblings, regardless of whether they are Catholic or not, will be granted a place at St. Peter's, until the last child has finished at the school.