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History of St Peter's

St. Peter's School was established in 1972 as a second school in the St. Killian's Parish to serve the families of North Bendigo and Long Gully.

St. Peters is a Catholic School and aims to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual needs of all within our community. Thirty years on, the school has an enrolment of around 160 children, who enjoy state of the art facilities, spacious grounds and a very active and supportive community of St. Peter's.


We have been employed by our Parish to provide Catholic education in the Parish School. In our role as supporters of parents in the process of education we need to reach out continually to the families of those we teach so that in a true partnership we can nurture the development of our children. School teaching requires extraordinary qualities of mind and heart, extremely careful preparation and a constant readiness to begin anew and adapt.

1972 Grade 1 Class
1976 grade 6 class
1976 prep class.