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Parent Leadership and Family Engagement Strategy Sandhurst

St. Peter's Primary School, in accordance with the Diocese of Sandhurst, aims to invovle parents at a local and broader community level.  All schools in the Sandhurst Diocese work along the guidelines that the Catholic Education Office (CEO) of Sandhurst and the Sandhurst School Education Board (SSEB) have developed which they call the Parent Leadership and Family Engagement Strategy.

The SSEB Parent Leadership and Family Engagement Strategy grew out of a strong commitment of the Board, especially its Parent Leaders to increasing the engagement of parents in the education of their children in fulfilling the Church's mission to understand parents as the prime educators of their children. This commitment is informed and inspired by the research and practice of contemporary parent educators and leaders who affirm the importance of the following key elements:
* Parent Connectedness (the capacity of families to support their children's learning and their own)
* Community Links (engaging in mutually beneficial activities to include all as partnerss in raising local children and youth)
* Personalised Curriculum (connecting students to their learning)
* Community-based Enhanced Learning (engaging the disengaged)  (Otero et al, 2011, Hawker Brownlow)


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