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Students as Learners


Students as Learners


At St Peter's we believe that each student will be motivated to learn in different ways. Each individual has their own unique style of learning and it is our job to make students feel valued for who they are and what they bring into the learning environment.

We aim to develop inquirers who are encouraged and supported in developing their passions and strengths, who are able to make connections to the outside world with their learning and then who are able to use these skills to become motivated and inspired lifelong learners.

We believe that students can manage their own learning through planning, researching and reflecting. They learn to be Self Motivators, Self Managers and Self Appraisers rather than passive consumers of knowledge.

We as teachers have the job of teaching our students 'how to learn' creating conversations around thinking and learning and giving the students choice in how they will learn. At St Peter's we strive to create more engaged, motivated and productive learners.