Parents have the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school in a variety of ways.

St Peter’s Advisory Council

The St Peter’s Advisory Council is a representative group made up of Fr. Junray Rayna, Parents and Teachers and are our community’s “Leadership Team”

Valuable parent input is sought from this group on all areas of school life. The Advisory Council’s responsibilities include: Financial Planning, Enrolment Policy, School Community Relations, School Development planning etc.  The Advisory Council’s role is to lead school improvement in line with the St Peter’s School Vision Statement.  Anyone who is interested in joining the Advisory Council is welcome to chat with Jenny or Jeremy.

The current parent representatives on the Advisory Council are:

Chairperson - Chris Ring 

Melanie Tanner

Megan Beagley

Danielle Hanks

Jason Kerr 

Staff representatives:

Jeremy Darmody 

Jenny Roberts

On a less formal level we encourage parents and guardians to come into school and be a part of the day to day goings
on – particularly listening to students read each morning and volunteering in the Djak-tjarra (Environmental Classroom).
Please speak with your child’s teacher if you are able to assist in any of these areas.

We believe that parents and carers are a critical element of the learning process as the first teachers of their children
and the predominant role models in their lives.

We encourage parents to be active in their child's schooling by –

  • Knowing what their children are doing in their classrooms
  • Encouraging conversations at home about what is happening at school
  • Participating in school activities
  • Helping with school tasks at home, where appropriate
  • Doing things together to broaden each child's life experiences

We believe that the community and the school can work together to give our students a stronger community connection. By connecting our learning to the community we also allow our students to understand that their learning has a purpose and value beyond school. We encourage our students to experience the community and for our community to be a part of our school life.


We are a child safe school, child safety is everyone’s responsibility. All CES Ltd Board members, CES Ltd Board committee members, School Advisory Council members, Principals and all other staff and volunteers, service providers and any other adult involved in child connected work are expected to actively contribute to a child safe culture. The Child Safety Code of Conduct sets out the boundaries and expectations for appropriate behaviour of adults with our students.


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