Our school employs a Social Worker to support children and their families in times of need.
Stacey Frost works at our school three days a week to fulfil this need. While Stacey’s role is
primarily working with the class teachers, some time is allocated to individual student needs.
Students are referred by the classroom teacher - so if you have concerns about your child the
classroom teacher should always be where you have your first contact and discussion.


We also employ a Wellbeing Coordinator to support families and students as well.
Kristy Dupille is employed 3 days a week working with families, small groups and individual students.
Family concerns can be directed straight to Kristy and any student concerns
are referred through the classroom teacher. 
Initial concerns should be brought up with the class teacher and Stacey and Kristy can be contacted
via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Of course, you can always speak to Jen & Mick with any concerns as well.



is a loss and grief peer support program. This program is aimed at assisting young people to understand
the grief that is experienced because of the loss of a parent or significant other through death, separation,
divorce or other circumstances. Seasons offers a range of activities to assist children to gain skills required
to work with their loss and grief; understand it is normal to experience a range of emotions; provide a
supportive network of caring peers and build relationships with families, peers and teachers.
If you are interested in your child participating in this program, please see Stacey Frost our school Social Worker.


Circle Time is a structured, regular occasion when a class group meets in a circle to speak, listen, interact, 
enhance relationships and share concerns. Content is flexible and adaptable based on the age and needs of the class.

Discussion circles: Used to discuss any issues that may be relevant or to share work that has been completed. 
Problem solving circles: Used to sort out problems that arise in the classroom or in the playground.

Catholic Care Sandhurst
- have a great range of programs and workshopa available to parents and guardians relating to raising children through all stages
Please check out their website for upcoming events that you may like to take part in, many of the programs/workshops are free!