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Thanks for visiting us at our website. We hope that it gives you an understanding of what is happening in our school and what is important to us.

We believe that a child's education should be fun, meaningful and challenging. Students experiences should relate to the world outside of school and equip them for the world beyond their school years.

Our job is to work with the parents of our students to make each child the best they can be.

Please don't hesistate to come visit us or contact us to find out more!

Jenny and Michael

Parent Engagement At St. Peter’s

At St. Peter’s School we understand the power of strong relationships between the school, the students and parents. By working together and forming a strong relationship we are able to support children to become the best they can be.

Parent engagement is more than parents coming in and doing things in the school. It is about supporting students in their learning, it is about helping adults fulfill their own potential and it is about building a community that supports all members and is a safe and happy environment for all.

In light of this we have designed a model for Parent Engagement, which we believe will help to create a community of learners who care for and support one another. It looks like this –

Supporting and Developing Parent Capacity in:

Student Learning – providing regular opportunities for parents to engage in discussion and learning around their child’s learning.

Parent Learning – Supporting parents in their own learning journeys so that we become a community of learners. Students come to see that we are all learning all of the time and are always working to better ourselves.

Building Community – Creating opportunities for the community to come together and enjoy the company of one another and provide a safe and supportive environment for all people in our school community.

In our endeavours to live this out we are committed to the following –

  • Always having parent engagement on the agenda at Community Circle and School Board meetings
  • Staff planning for opportunities to engage parents in student learning with each unit of work
  • Learning conversations which involve parents, students and staff in reflecting on and setting goals around student learning
  • Having a staff member dedicated to supporting parent engagement in our school
  • Being a friendly, welcoming environment where all members feel comfortable, supported and safe